The best food photo trends in 2021

Food is an element of life that many of us enjoy. It can remind us of a specific memory, it can represent a culture, but most importantly, food brings people together.

Today, many social media users photograph foods and upload them to their…

10 tips on how to communicate with your model

Novice photographers are excellent creative professionals, but preparing people for a photoshoot doesn’t always come so naturally to them. If that’s you, it’s natural to not know the protocol for how to talk to photography clients, or how to communicate with…

Tips and tricks for your amazing blue hour photos

Blue hour photography

Blue hour is the time of day straight after golden hour as the sun sinks into the horizon, where the light transitions effortlessly from warm and golden to cool and blue. Although the colour temperature becomes much cooler, the light remains…

Everything you need to know about urban photography in 2021

What is the difference between urban and street photography?

As an introduction to urban photography, we must first define it; briefly, it is used to document the urban space.

The more specific definition is that urban photography focuses on the rich characteristics that are found in urban settings. Urban…

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