Lana Tsiupko

Jul 30, 2021

6 min read

Family day outings to do this summer

Safe, fun ways to entertain children this summer

Summer is finally here.

Schools out, the sun is out, and families are ready for different outings around the United Kingdom to explore with their children. After a dreadful sixteen months of going in and out of lockdown, we have finally reached the moment that many of us have longed for — restrictions being lifted.

Everywhere is now open, family outings are finally allowed to happen. Last year was the summer of relaxing in the garden and this year it’s the summer of fun. Enjoyment for children will be happening, and families have the chance to adventure into different places throughout the next six weeks.

In this blog, we will explore eight exciting places to visit with your children.

Legoland, Windsor

Lego has blessed many children, giving them hours and hours of fun with building and playing. Exploring Legoland is the perfect place for children to have the chance to go on rides and see all the buildings that have been built with lego. And this place isn’t just for children, we all know that parents will still feel the bubbling thrill inside of them when visiting this theme park as it reminds them of their childhood. The park has 12 different themed lands, meaning everyone will have fun.

A family outing here will be action pack and memorable. There are water rides that are perfect when the sun is blaring heat. Families will also find fun in the interactive rides where everyone has a turn to be an adventure hero.

If you think a one-day outing to Legoland is not enough time for the children to enjoy every attraction, you can always book a mini staycation instead.

Wookey Hole, Somerset

This magical place has many caves for the family to visit. The titles of each of these caves follow the feeling of magic with names such as Witch’s Parlour. And fantasy colours of pink, blue, aqua dance in these caves of mystery that hold little myths and legends of the past.

But on your family outing to the Wookey Hole, there are many other attractions to explore to have the summer of fun that you deserve. For example, the magical mirror maze, which is known to be the modern version of the old mirror show that would be an event at the travelling fairs. This attraction is filled with adventure as you try to escape the maze — be careful not to bump into one of the mirrors.

Buster Ancient Farm, Hampshire

Want to jump in history and visit the life of the Stone Age, Iron age and more? Then this is the family outing for you. Families have the chance to explore the timeline of the past of England, starting with the Stone Age all the way to the Anglo-Saxon. It’s a creative way for the little ones to learn some history while being involved with the entertainment that they hold, such as the whole family learning an ancient skill. If you are lucky enough, you might visit this place on a day where you can join in to reenact the past.

Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to meet rare breeds of goats and sheep and maybe even have the chance to pet them.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk

Dinosaurs might not sound great for the summer of fun that your family deserves but Roarr! will surprise you. This adventure park allows the whole family to walk amongst these gigantic monsters of our past, don’t worry, they aren’t alive like the dinosaurs from Jurrasic Park. All of these dinosaurs are life-size and controlled by audio equipment to make their roars sound realistic.

Not only does your family have the chance to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but there are attractions filled for children enjoyment.

Hobbledown — Adventure Farm and Zoo, Epsom

If you feel that you’ve been stuck indoors for too long, Hobbledown Farm is the place for your next family outing. A paradise for children and parents, spending their day outdoors and visiting different animals, such as the Bactrian camels. This 50 acres adventure park is the place for children to fire up their imagination, as they become Queens and Kings of the Fern’s Castle. This adventure farm isn’t only for children, parents can join in with the High Ropes attraction, an aerial adventure course perfect for everyone.

Woodlands Park, Devon

This place is known to be one of the largest family theme parks in the southwest, it has fairground rides, water rides and a zoo. On this family outing, some families might end up bring back a new family member as some of the animals are for sale. No matter the weather there is fun everywhere, outside around the enchanted forest and inside where there is 125,000 square foot of fun.

This family outing can also become a staycation where your family can spend a few nights camping.

Puzzlewood, Forest of Dean

Children have spent too long cooped up indoors and in front of the laptop for online school during the lockdowns, they deserve to be out in nature. Puzzlewood is the perfect place for children enjoyment and being connected with the beauty of nature. You can download an app that goes with Puzzlewood and use the guide to tick off the 20 objects that you can find scattered around this place as you adventure around the twists and turns.

Who knows, you might end up seeing foxes and rabbits, remember to take photos to remember this family outing.

The Forbidden Corner, Yorkshire

Mystery and adventure are the key areas of this family outing. The Forbidden Corner is a labyrinth, ideal for anyone no matter their age, as long as they are young at heart. This attraction used to be a private folly, but due to public demand, this place became a fun day out for many families to visit. Throughout the maze, there are many paths and twists all leading to nowhere. During this adventure, you’ll have the chance to see different statues. Once finished, there is always a cafe to relax in.

All of these places make the perfect family outings for this summer of fun. And a way to remember all of this is by taking pictures to keep these memories close to your heart. Using the Splento App is a clever way to keep all of these memories alive forever, this app is cloud-based, meaning a user can upload as many photos as they want and not worry about storage. Users are the ones in control, deciding who is allowed to see the photos that they’ve uploaded.

Users can create an album for each family outing, where they can share it with other family members, or they can also collaborate with the other parent where both of them can upload photos from their family outing.

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